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Fourteen-year-old Ichigo Amano is clumsy and doesn't have any talent except for eating sweets (specifically cakes). When she stumbles upon a Sweets Festival, she meets Henri-sensei who acknowledges her ability of taste and invites her to transfer to St. Marie Academy to become a pâtissière. Ichigo has trouble adjusting initially, but with the help of the 3 Sweets Princes (Makoto Kashino, Satsuki Hanabusa, and Sennosuke Andou) and the Sweets Spirits (Vanilla, Chocolate, Caramel, and Cafe), she gains the confidence and skill to work towards becoming a pâtissière.

Yumeiro Patissiere - Netflix

Type: Animation

Languages: Japanese

Status: Ended

Runtime: 30 minutes

Premier: 2009-10-04

Yumeiro Patissiere - List of Yumeiro Patissiere episodes - Netflix

The episodes from the anime Yumeiro Patissiere are based on the manga of the same name written and illustrated by Natsumi Matsumoto. The series is produced by Studio Pierrot and directed by Ko Suzuki. The story is about 14 yr old Ichigo who dreams of becoming a pastry chef. She attends St. Marie Academy in hopes of following her grandmother's footsteps. Along the way, she meets boys, enemies, and sweets spirits. Two pieces of theme music have been used for the series thus far. The opening music piece is “Yume ni Ēru! Patishiēru” (夢にエール!パティシエール♪, Yell for the Dream! Patissiere) by Mayumi Gojō, and the ending theme is “Ichigo no Mirakurūru” (いちごのミラクルール, Ichigo's Miracle–le) by Yukina Sugihara. The CD single for the two was released by the Columbia Music Entertainment on January 20, 2010 in a regular and limited edition. The limited edition comes with extra charms and costs ¥1,365, but is otherwise the same as the regular edition, which costs ¥1,050. A soundtrack for the series was released on April 21, 2010, entitled Yumeiro Patissiere KiraKira ☆ Myūjikku (夢色パティシエール きらきら☆ミュージック, Yumeiro Patissiere SparkleSparkle ☆ Music). The opening theme for the second season is “Sweet Romance” by Mayumi Gojo and the ending theme is “HOME MADE HAPPY” by Primavera. Yumeiro Patissiere is available for streaming with English subtitles on Crunchyroll. This season contains 50 episodes with a second season premiering October 3, 2010 with the name “Yumeiro Patisserie SP Professional.” The first DVD volume for the anime was released March 3, 2010.

Yumeiro Patissiere - DVD volumes - Netflix

The first season is being released in Japan on DVD, with the first of 13 volumes having been released in March 2010. The second season has not yet been released to DVD in Japan.

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