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Wally Gator is about Wally, an alligator who thinks that he is human. He is most satisfied when he is at the zoo, where his home is. Mr. Twiddles is the zookeeper that keeps an eye on Wally because sometimes, Wally escapes to see what life is like outside of his home. Characters Wally Gator (Daws Butler): Wally Gator enjoys staying at the zoo, but sometimes he just wants to see what the outside world is like. Mr. Twiddle (Don Messick): Mr. Twiddles is the zookeeper. He is always busy because he is trying to stop Wally from leaving the zoo. Wally Gator Opening Theme Wally Gator is a swinging alligator in the swamp, he's the greatest perculator when he really starts to romp. There has never been a greater operator in the swamp, see ya later, Wally Gator!

Wally Gator - Netflix

Type: Animation

Languages: English

Status: Ended

Runtime: 30 minutes

Premier: 1962-09-03

Wally Gator - Twiddle (band) - Netflix

Twiddle is an American rock band. They are a jam band, and utilize extensive instrumental improvisation in their live performances. They incorporate influences from a wide variety of music genres, including rock, jazz, bluegrass, reggae, and funk. Twiddle formed at Castleton State College in Vermont in 2004. The current members of the band are Mihali Savoulidis (guitar, vocals), Ryan Dempsey (keyboards, vocals), Zdenek Gubb (bass, vocals), and Brook Jordan (drums, percussion, vocals). Fans of the band sometimes refer to themselves as Frends. While Twiddle has released several albums, they are best known for their live concerts. On April 20, 2018 Twiddle appeared on The Dan Patrick Show and was announced as the “house band”.

Wally Gator - Discography - Netflix

The Natural Evolution of Consciousness – 2007 Somewhere on the Mountain – 2011 Live at Nectar's – 2014 Plump: Chapter One – 2015; remastered and rereleased in 2017 Plump: Chapter Two – 2017

Wally Gator - References - Netflix