Stranded with a Million Dollars - Netflix

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Stranded with a Million Dollars drops 10 adventurers on an island with nothing but the clothes on their backs and a million dollars in cash. Those who survive for 40 days filled with gut-wrenching journeys and demanding physical challenges will split the money as their prize. The catch? They can buy all of the survival supplies and creature comforts they desire, but everything is crazy expensive (think \$30K for a tent), all decisions to make a purchase require a group majority and the cost comes out of their shared prize money.

Stranded with a Million Dollars - Netflix

Type: Reality

Languages: English

Status: Running

Runtime: 60 minutes

Premier: 2017-02-21

Stranded with a Million Dollars - Extortion (film) - Netflix

Extortion, is a 2017 American thriller film, starring Eion Bailey, Bethany Joy Lenz, Barkhad Abdi, and Danny Glover.

Stranded with a Million Dollars - Plot - Netflix

At a Caribbean resort, doctor Kevin Riley (Eion Bailey) is on holiday with his wife and son in the Bahamas. Shortly after their arrival, they rent a carefree boat and venture for kicks on an aimless ride into the sea, which goes horribly wrong when they are stranded on a small island because of a mechanical failure in the boat engine. After days without food or water and near death, they are rescued by a callous local fisherman, Miguel (Barkhad Abdi) who harshly demands a million dollars to save them. Miguel and his workmate Jorge then takes Kevin to shore and leave his family on the island as collateral to force him into paying the agreed amount. After making a few desperate calls to the United States, Kevin somehow manages to scrape together a fraction of the demanded hefty ransom, and has it transferred to Miguel's bank account. Then the three of them head back to the island in two separate boats, Kevin steering one of them and locked up in the cabin against his will. In the middle on the sea, Miguel jumps onto Kevin's boat and punches a hole in the hull causing it to sink with Kevin still imprisoned inside the cabin. The boat plummets into the sea, but unbeknown to Miguel and Jorge, Kevin miraculously manages to break free and is then rescued by a group of sailing tourists. Back in town, Kevin is accused of paying the sum of money to the local fishermen in an attempt to get rid of his family and thus profit from their life insurance payout. With suspicions mounting up and the local police not particularly helpful, Kevin takes it upon himself to rescue his family single-handedly and at all costs. In a frantic search for Miguel so as to wring the whereabouts of the deserted island out of him, Kevin eventually succeeds in finding his forsaken family just in the nick of time after an compelling turn of events with the police relentessly hot on his heels.

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