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Eight unwitting candidates are assessed on their suitability for a life-changing job while under the impression they are filming a documentary about their workplaces. Over the course of a week, each of them is tested to the limit by a team of actors intent on causing chaos, while their prospective boss secretly watches everything and judges their ability to handle the pressure.

Type: Reality

Languages: English

Status: Ended

Runtime: 60 minutes

Premier: 2012-08-22

Secret Interview - Secret Band - Netflix

Secret Band (often stylized as SECRETBAND) is an American post-hardcore band from Sacramento, California, founded by American musician Will Swan in 2011. The band is currently composed of Dance Gavin Dance guitarist Will Swan, drummer Matthew Mingus, and unclean vocalist James Clean, former Dance Gavin Dance bass guitarist Jordan McCoy, and former The Antioch Synopsis guitarist Martin Bianchini. The band has been considered a side project by members of the band. The group is signed to Swan's independent record label Blue Swan Records. Their eponymously-titled debut extended play was released in 2011, with their debut studio album, also eponymously-titled, becoming released in 2014. Each of the releases were properly released on June 3, 2014 and July 31, 2014, respectively. The band is self-described as metal and progressive post-hardcore.

Secret Interview - Formation - Netflix

Secret Band formed in Sacramento, California between Dance Gavin Dance members Will Swan, Jon Mess, and Matthew Mingus, and former bass guitarist Eric Lodge. In 2013, Lodge departed from the band, leading to former Dance Gavin Dance touring bassist Jordan McCoy to pursue bass. In 2014, former The Antioch Synopsis guitarist Martin Bianchini joined the band as the second guitarist. In an interview with The Aquarian, Swan described the band as “a little side project that I do double guitar work on and then it’s just our bass player, our screamer and our drummer.” He continued, “It’s pretty much overall [Downtown Battle Mountain II] without Jonny Craig. We just decided to do just a little side project for fun.”

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