RV Top 3 - Netflix

Posted on Sun 05 May 2019 in netflix

On RV Top 3 we're traveling coast-to-coast, checking out the best restaurants, amusements and wacky attractions that America has to offer, in the comforts of a RV. From campgrounds right on the beach to restaurants that deliver pizza straight to motor homes, there's no better way to see the USA.

RV Top 3 - Netflix

Type: Reality

Languages: English

Status: Running

Runtime: 60 minutes

Premier: 2017-05-13

RV Top 3 - RV Fridge - Netflix

Recreational vehicles (RVs) are designed to be self-sufficient, making an on-board refrigerator a highly desirable appliance. However, RVs are subject to conditions that make the design of their refrigerators quite challenging. The main issues are vibrations, accelerations, the energy required to drive the refrigeration process, and the often off-level attitude of the vehicle, especially while in transit. An absorption-type refrigerator overcomes most of these design challenges, and therefore has been popular in RVs since the 1950s.

RV Top 3 - Absorber - Netflix

The absorber or absorber coils is where the fluids are recombined to complete the refrigeration fluids circuit. The ammonia gas Q5 drops down from the evaporator into the absorber where it comes into contact with the weak solution Q2 (water) flowing into the top of the absorber coils. When the ammonia vapor Q5 comes into contact with the weak solution liquid Q2, the weak solution absorbs the ammonia gas due to ammonias affinity for water. The absorption of ammonia gas into the water solution is an exothermic process, thus heat needs to be rejected from the absorber coils. The absorber coil is where the heat from within the fridge is rejected into the surroundings.

RV Top 3 - References - Netflix