Mézga Aladár különös kalandjai - Netflix

Posted on Thu 02 May 2019 in netflix

Mézga Aladár különös kalandjai - Netflix

Type: Animation

Languages: Hungarian

Status: Ended

Runtime: 25 minutes

Premier: None

Mézga Aladár különös kalandjai - The Mézga Family - Netflix

The Mézga Family (in Hungarian Mézga család) is a fictional family from three animated TV series shot by PannóniaFilm studios, Hungary between 1969 and 1978. Scripts for the series were written by József Romhányi and József Nepp. Nepp also served as the film director. The series proved to be very popular, reaching cult status and televised, among others, in Czechoslovakia, Bulgaria, Romania, Italy, The Netherlands and both German states. The series still regularly appear on television. Each consists of 13 episodes.

Mézga Aladár különös kalandjai - The Family - Netflix

The family consists of Géza, the father, a comical and inept figure similar to Homer Simpson, his wife Paula who actually dominates family affairs, pubertal daughter Kriszta and 12-14-year-old son Aladár (12 in first series, 14 in the last, the medium age is 13), a child prodigy. The cat Maffia and a dog, Blöki (Zorro) accompany the family. Dr. Máris, their cynical neighbour, is regularly and unvoluntarily involved in disasters surrounding the family. The name “Mézga” means glue, mucilage or tree gum in Hungarian and was renamed as rodina Smolíkova in Czech, which is a surname (derived from “smůla”, i.e. “tree gum” or “bad luck”) used also in fairy tales, La famiglia Mezil in Italian, Familie Metzger in German, which means butcher,Семейство Мейзга in Bulgarian, Família Mézga/Mesga in Portuguese, and Miazgovci in Slovak. In Dutch however, they were quite generically named De familie Sanders; which has no further meaning.

Mézga Aladár különös kalandjai - References - Netflix