Master of Torque - Netflix

Posted on Wed 08 May 2019 in netflix

Set in the near future, Master of Torque chronicles the exploits of three young motorcyclists riding through a semi-fictional Tokyo.

Master of Torque - Netflix

Type: Animation

Languages: Japanese

Status: Ended

Runtime: 6 minutes

Premier: 2014-03-20

Master of Torque - Torsen - Netflix

Torsen Torque-Sensing (full name Torsen traction) is a type of limited-slip differential used in automobiles. It was invented by American Vernon Gleasman and manufactured by the Gleason Corporation. Torsen is a contraction of Torque-Sensing. TORSEN and TORSEN Traction are registered trademarks of JTEKT Torsen North America Inc (formerly Zexel Corporation, formerly Gleason Power Systems). All Torsen differentials have their origin in the Dual-Drive Differential that was invented and patented by Gleasman in 1958.

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