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Drug kingpin Joaquin "El Chapo" Guzman, Medellin cartel leader Pablo Escobar, and queen of the Miami drug scene Griselda Blanco are among the list of history's most vicious gangsters, relentless drug barons and ruthless arms dealers. Behind each merciless outlaw's story are the dedicated special agents and fearless law enforcement officials tasked with capturing these most wanted bandits, dead or alive. This August, American Heroes Channel (AHC) launches Manhunt: Kill or Capture, a riveting new series featuring the most memorable manhunts, task force shutdowns and undercover infiltrations of infamous masterminds in the history of American law enforcement. The ten-part first season of Manhunt: Kill or Capture premieres Wednesday, August 12 at 10/9c exclusively on AHC.

"Right now, pivotal world events happening all around us require context within the framework of history – and the recent news of drug lord El Chapo's escape is a prime example of that," said Kevin Bennett, EVP and general manager of American Heroes Channel. "In this heated environment where the search for Mexico's most prolific outlaw changes with each passing day, Manhunt: Kill or Capture recounts in vivid detail how El Chapo and other legendary criminals rose to infamy with a reputation of running from the law, and at the expense of thousands of innocent lives."

Each one-hour episode of Manhunt: Kill or Capture profiles the thrilling chase and ultimate takedown of a notorious criminal leader. With special access to in-depth interviews with the agents, policemen, intelligence agents and eye witnesses who brought these criminals to justice, viewers are given an inside look at how the complex operations were executed to bring down the world's most ruthless and elusive targets.

The premiere episode, airing Wednesday, August 12 at 10/9c, focuses on Colombian drug lord, Pablo Escobar. Backed up by an army of killers, Escobar dominated the infamous Medellin cocaine cartel and turned the Colombian nation into a living nightmare. Those who stood against him were immediately executed, but one DEA agent was determined to bring Escobar's reign of terror to an end. Working with an elite force of Colombian police, this DEA agent rid Colombia of Escobar's evil influence once and for all.

Manhunt: Kill or Capture - Netflix

Type: Documentary

Languages: English

Status: Running

Runtime: 60 minutes

Premier: 2015-08-12

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A major police operation took place in July 2010 in Tyne and Wear and Northumberland, England, during which armed police officers under the command of the Northumbria Police force were deployed to apprehend Raoul Moat, a 37-year-old man from Newcastle upon Tyne who was on the run after shooting three people in two days. His victims were ex-girlfriend Samantha Stobbart, her new partner Chris Brown, and police officer David Rathband. Stobbart was hospitalised and Brown was killed, while Rathband remained in hospital for nearly three weeks and was permanently blinded. Moat, who had recently been released from Durham Prison, shot the three with a sawn-off shotgun, two days after his release. After six days on the run, Moat was recognised by police and contained in the open, leading to a standoff. After nearly six hours of negotiation, Moat shot himself in the early hours of the following morning, and was later pronounced dead at Newcastle General Hospital. The operation took place across the entire Northumbria Police area, which covers both the metropolitan county of Tyne and Wear and the county of Northumberland. The manhunt began after the shootings of Stobbart and Brown in the early hours of 3 July 2010 in Birtley. Nearly 22 hours later, the shooting of traffic police officer Rathband, parked in East Denton, was linked to Moat. Moat was believed to have a grudge against the police after Stobbart had lied to Moat about being in a relationship with a police officer. Shortly after his release from prison, Moat posted threats to police and others on his Facebook profile. Moat apparently targeted Rathband randomly, simply for being a police officer, although on an earlier occasion Rathband had confiscated Moat's van on the suspicion that it was not insured. Moat also made threats, in two letters and several phone calls, that he would kill any officer who attempted to stop him. Both the police and some of Moat's relatives made several appeals for Moat to give himself up for the sake of his children. After a sighting on the night of 5 July in an armed robbery at Seaton Delaval, on 6 July it was announced that Moat was believed to be in Rothbury. The police manhunt remained focused there with several further suspected sightings, until the final confrontation at Riverside, Rothbury. The manhunt lasted almost seven days, and was the largest in modern British history, involving 160 armed officers and armed response vehicles, many seconded for the operation from other police forces. Police also used sniper teams, helicopters, dogs, armoured anti-terrorist police vehicles from Northern Ireland, tracker Ray Mears, and even a Royal Air Force jet for reconnaissance. In the course of the hunt there were several raids and false alarms across the region. With Moat believed to be sleeping rough, police found Moat's abandoned camp-sites and property as he evaded capture. Armed guards were also posted outside schools in Rothbury after police announced that they believed Moat posed a threat to the wider public. Several people were arrested during the hunt and after Moat's death, suspected of assisting him with equipment, information, and in evading capture and selecting targets. On 5 July, Northumbria Police announced that Durham Prison had told them three days earlier that Moat intended to harm his girlfriend. As a result, Northumbria Police voluntarily referred the case to the Independent Police Complaints Commission (IPCC). Following the final confrontation, the IPCC expanded the investigation to include the immediate events leading up to Moat's death, but ruled out investigating how the manhunt itself had been conducted.

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On 9 July, a cordon was set up around the National Trust's Cragside estate in the parish of Cartington. Northumbria Police reported they had recovered three mobile phones used by Moat in recent days. In the early evening of 9 July, residents of Rothbury were told to stay indoors because a major security operation was taking place. News agencies reported that an individual resembling Moat had been surrounded by police, and was holding a gun to his head. With a 110 yards (100 m) cordon established on the north bank of the River Coquet, close to a rainwater culvert which runs under the village, police negotiated with the suspect, who was holding a sawn-off shotgun to his neck. Food and water were reportedly brought to Moat during the confrontation, and his best friend Tony Laidler was escorted to the scene by authorities in an attempt to persuade him to surrender. At one stage, former England footballer Paul Gascoigne arrived at the crime scene, wearing a dressing-gown, claiming to know Moat and promising him “chicken and lager” if he gave himself up, but he was denied access to the fugitive. At approximately 1:15 am on 10 July, news agencies reported that at least one shot had been fired in the vicinity of the stand-off. At 1:34 am, a police spokesman stated that “a shot or shots” had been fired and the suspect had a gunshot wound. It was reported by multiple sources that police jumped on the suspect, and that police and an ambulance were seen moving toward the site. A statement from Northumbria Police said that no shots were fired by police officers and that the suspect had shot himself; no officers were injured in the stand-off. Moat was transferred to an ambulance and taken to Newcastle General Hospital, where he was pronounced dead at 2:20 am, shortly after arrival.

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