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Posted on Thu 02 May 2019 in netflix

In this 10-part series, Made in Italy, Silvia Colloca – actress and author of cookbook Silvia's Cucina – serves up an Italy rarely seen by tourists. Silvia visits three regions of Italy that are close to her heart - Abruzzo, Le Marche and Molise, to re-discover authentic 'cucina povera', making healthy, heart-warming food accessible to everyone.

Made In Italy with Silvia Colloca - Netflix

Type: Documentary

Languages: English

Status: Ended

Runtime: 30 minutes

Premier: 2014-11-27

Made In Italy with Silvia Colloca - Enel - Netflix

Enel is an Italian multinational manufacturer and distributor of electricity and gas. Enel, which originally stood for National Board for Electricity (Ente nazionale per l'energia elettrica), was first established as a public body at the end of 1962, and then transformed into a limited company in 1992. In 1999, following the liberalization of the electricity market in Italy, Enel was privatized. As of February 2015, the Italian government is the owner of 25.5% of the company's shares. In 2014, Enel employed about 70,000 people, works in about 30 countries and at the end of 2013 – with 80.5 billion euro of revenue and a market capitalization of 31 billion euro – is the 56th company in the world by revenue. The company is a component of the Euro Stoxx 50 stock market index.

Made In Italy with Silvia Colloca - History - Netflix

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