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"INDECENT PROPOSAL" tells the stories of people at the very moment they're confronted with a life-altering moral dilemma. Do they give up their dreams to remain on a moral high road? Or do they lose themselves on their personal path to success? With every decision comes a consequence - no matter what.

Indecent Proposal - Netflix

Type: Reality

Languages: English

Status: Running

Runtime: 30 minutes

Premier: 2015-08-22

Indecent Proposal - Half-Decent Proposal - Netflix

“Half-Decent Proposal” is the tenth episode of The Simpsons' thirteenth season. It first aired on the Fox network in the United States on February 10, 2002. In the episode, to earn money for her husband Homer's snoring problem, Marge agrees to stay with her old prom date, Artie Ziff, for one weekend (on the grounds that he try not to grope her like he did in “The Way We Was”), but when Homer thinks Marge broke her promise, he runs away with Lenny to work on an oil rig. Although the episode was written by Tim Long, the idea for the episode was pitched by series' co-creator and executive producer James L. Brooks. The episode was directed by Lauren MacMullan, who ordered several complicated sequences from the animators, leading to some tensions among The Simpsons staff. The episode's plot and title is based on the 1993 film Indecent Proposal, and the episode also features references to MAS*H, Midnight Cowboy and Five Easy Pieces. The episode features Jon Lovitz as Artie Ziff, the first time he portrayed Ziff since the season 2 episode “The Way We Was”. In its original broadcast, the episode was seen by approximately 7.5 million viewers and finished in 36th place in the ratings the week it aired. Since its original broadcast, “Half-Decent Proposal” has received mostly positive reviews from critics, some of whom considered it among the best episodes of the season. However, the episode has also been criticized for parodying Indecent Proposal nine years after its release, a criticism which the episode's showrunner Al Jean responded to in the episode's DVD commentary.

Indecent Proposal - Cultural references - Netflix

The title, as well as the episode's premise, is based on the 1993 drama film Indecent Proposal and follows the story of the film loosely. The channel BHO is a reference to the real-life television network HBO. Moe's line “He [Artie Ziff] is like a spy in the house Moe” is based on the Anaïs Nin novel A Spy in the House of Love. The ball in Ziff's manor points back to a scene in the season 2 episode “The Way We Was”, in which Marge danced with Ziff. Believing that Marge and Ziff will get married, Homer says that he'll “never be born”, a line from Back to the Future. Comic Book Guy has several items of merchandise from the Star Wars franchise in his room, including sheets, pictures and a Jar Jar Binks doll. Nookie in New York, the TV show that Marge watches with her sisters, spoofs the TV series Sex and the City. When Marge leaves with Artie, she sees that Homer has spelt the words “Keep Your Clothes On” as a direct reference to the MAS*H series finale, Goodbye, Farewell and Amen. In the video that Homer recorded for Marge, Homer holds two toys. The one in his left hand is a “Funzo”, a fictional toy which first appeared in the season 11 episode “Grift of the Magi”. The fictional area of “West Springfield” is modeled after the American state Texas (purposely once again a red-herring to where Springfield is based - it seems to be right next to Texas, until Lisa states that West Springfield is “Three times the size of Texas”). The scene in which Homer and Lenny are travelling to West Springfield is a reference to the last scene in the 1969 drama film Midnight Cowboy. The music heard during the scene is also made to resemble the theme from said film. The scene in which Homer and Lenny are working in an oil rig is a reference to the 1970 film Five Easy Pieces. The song produced by Artie's invention at the end of the episode is Sweet Dreams (Are Made Of This), originally by The Eurythmics.

Indecent Proposal - References - Netflix