Hunter Hunted - Netflix

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A scientific animal documentary TV series developed by the National Geographic Channel that centers on that elusive and dangerous relationship between predator and prey, especially when the predators are wild animals and the prey are human beings. It takes known attacks between man and beast in order to break down what occurred and the reason with the latest forensic science techniques and the expertise of animal behaviorists and scientists.

Hunter Hunted - Netflix

Type: Documentary

Languages: English

Status: Ended

Runtime: 60 minutes

Premier: None

Hunter Hunted - List of big-game hunters - Netflix

This is a list of famous big-game hunters who gained fame largely or solely because of their big-game hunting exploits. The members of this list either hunted big game professionally for profit, the science of their day or by virtue of their wealth or position for sport consistently as their primary pastime for many years, and includes brief biographical details particularly concerning the game hunted, the hunting methods employed and the hunting weapons used by those listed.

Hunter Hunted - Denys Finch-Hatton - Netflix

The Hon Denys George Finch-Hatton (1887–1931) was an English born sportsman and professional safari guide in Kenya in the 20th century. The third son of an Earl, after an education at Eton and Oxford University Finch Hatton arrived in Kenya in 1911 and initially lived a nomadic life which included trading safaris throughout Kenya and Somaliland during which he spent a lot of time hunting. In 1925 Finch Hatton became a professional safari guide, initially conducting a number of safaris with the veteran professional J.A. Hunter, Finch Hatton’s most notable guests were the Prince of Wales (later King Edward VIII) and his brother Prince Henry, Duke of Gloucester in 1928. Finch Hatton hunted with a Mannlicher bolt actioned rifle in 6.5×54mm Mannlicher–Schönauer, a second hand Rigby bolt actioned rifle in .350 Rigby, a Lancaster double rifle that he had converted from .450 No 2 Nitro Express to .450 Nitro Express as it was easier to source ammunition and an Army & Navy 20 bore shotgun. Finch Hatton remains famous as the lover of Karen Blixen, their relationship being detailed in her memoir Out of Africa, which she wrote under her nom de plume “Isak Dinesen”.

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