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Posted on Mon 11 February 2019 in netflix

Incredibly drayvovaya saga of Gunma Akagi, a young madman, blindly chasing after his dream - to become the fastest man on the planet! F - the quintessence of all that is worth to love Japanese animation: hair color is not bright, but the charisma of the characters, the plot, you do not let go for a minute and a fixed idea, the heart of the local universe - the race! Steep turns, overtaking, butting board-to-board, defeat, victory, anger, disappointment and triumph on the brink of madness!

If you have not watched this series, then this anime you've ever seen!

F - Netflix

Type: Animation

Languages: Japanese

Status: Ended

Runtime: 25 minutes

Premier: 1988-09-03

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The letter F with hook (majuscule Ƒ, minuscule: ƒ) is a letter of the Latin script, based on the italic form of f; or on its regular form with a descender hook added. A very similar-looking letter, ⟨ʄ⟩ (a dotless j with a hook and a horizontal stroke), is used in the IPA for a voiced palatal implosive.

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African reference alphabet Ogonek

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