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Eldorado was a British soap set on the sunny, Southern coast of Spain in the small resort of Los Barcos. The series was axed a little after one year of production due to initial ratings and media criticism over poor story lines and casting choices. The custom designed set is still standing (as of 2012).

Eldorado - Netflix

Type: Scripted

Languages: English

Status: Ended

Runtime: 30 minutes

Premier: 1992-07-06

Eldorado - Eldorado (poem) - Netflix

“Eldorado” is a poem written by Edgar Allan Poe, first published in April 1849.

Eldorado - Analysis - Netflix

The poem is a narrative made up of four six-line stanzas, known as sestets. Poe uses the term shadow in the middle of each stanza. The meaning of the word, however, changes with each use. First, it is a literal shadow, where the sun is blocked out. In the second, it implies gloom or despair. The third denotes a ghost. The final use, “the Valley of Shadow”, references the “Valley of the Shadow of Death”, possibly suggesting that Eldorado (or riches in general) does not exist in the living world, or may be extremely difficult to find in the physical realm. Eldorado can also be interpreted not as the worldly, yellowish metal, but as treasures that actually have the possibility of existence in the abode of spirits. These “spiritual” treasures are that of the mind: knowledge, understanding, and wisdom. The time of the poem's publication, 1849, was during the California Gold Rush and the poem is, in part, Poe's reaction to that event. “Eldorado” was one of Poe's last poems. As Poe scholar Scott Peeples wrote, the poem is “a fitting close to a discussion of Poe's career.” Like the subject of the poem, Poe was on a quest for success or happiness and, despite spending his life searching for it, he eventually loses his strength and faces death.

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