CatDog - Netflix

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The life and times of a cat and a dog with a unique twist: they're connected, literally. They share one body with a Dog's head at one end and Cat's head on the other. Adding to their dilemma is Cat's annoyance with Dog, mainly caused by Dog's stupidity and Cat's up-tight personality. Characters: Cat - Cat is the smarter one of the two brothers, and is always hatching some kind of plot to get his brother to calm down, so that Cat doesn't get beat around and hurt. Even though most of these plots involve messing with Dog's feeble mind, they often backfire on Cat, much to his dismay. It may not show all the time but, he deeply loves, and cares for his brother Dog. Dog - Dog is the more lovable of the two brothers, Dog loves to play and party and play some more, he loves baseball and playing fetch with frisbees, balls, sticks, etc, He is very friendly, and happy, but does have a breaking point.

CatDog - Netflix

Type: Animation

Languages: English

Status: Ended

Runtime: 15 minutes

Premier: 1998-04-04

CatDog - Puppy cat - Netflix

Puppy cat (or puppy-like cat, dog-like cat, etc.) is a term used to refer to specific breeds of domestic cats that have unusual behavioral tendencies that are reminiscent of young domestic dogs. These are within the scope of feline behavior, and may be enhanced through selective breeding. These behaviors, not specific to any breed, include following people around from room to room, the desire to receive frequent moments of physical affection such as being held and petted, a lack of aggression toward some fellow animals, and a placid nature. While these attributes are found desirable for owners interacting with their cats, problems can occur when the felines are exposed to dogs and strange people, with the cats possibly being too trusting and too friendly for their own good. Breeds known for these canine behaviors include the Abyssinian, Burmese, Maine Coon, Manx, and Ragdoll, though dog behavior traits can appear regardless of breed.

CatDog - Abyssinian - Netflix

Abyssinian cats are known for demanding attention and showing depression if left alone too often. The closeness to their owners cause some of them to respond positively to feline leash-training. Unlike most cats, Abyssinians often show interest in water rather than a fear of it. A frequently active breed, Abyssinians will often climb upon their owners and perch upon their bodies to see. They also tend to welcome the company of friendly-minded dogs. Veterinarian Joan O. Joshua has said the “dog-like attachment to the owners” of Abyssinians causes “greater dependence on human contacts”. This stands in contrast to the mere “tolerant acceptance of human company” based around “comforts” that multiple other breeds display. With their interest in playing with their owners combined with their curious intelligence, Abyssinians are nicknamed the “Clowns of the Cat Kingdom.”

CatDog - References - Netflix