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She was the mother of all aircraft carriers in WWII - the Enterprise. She was commissioned before the war, and was the only carrier to be front and center in every major sea battle in the Pacific Theatre.

Over the course of four years, the carrier, and the men who crewed it, engaged in some of the fiercest, multi-front battles ever seen in modern combat. Each battle was marked by intense firepower, instinct, and a 360-coordination between the carrier, the destroyers, the aircraft above, and the submarines below.

This series will follow the Enterprise and its men from the start of the war through to the last battle. As the war went on, the ship changed, the men changed, and the battles were never the same.

Battle 360 - Netflix

Type: Documentary

Languages: English

Status: Ended

Runtime: 60 minutes

Premier: 2008-02-29

Battle 360 - USS Enterprise (CV-6) - Netflix

USS Enterprise (CV-6) was the seventh U.S. Navy vessel to bear the name. Colloquially called “the Big E”, she was the sixth aircraft carrier of the United States Navy. A Yorktown-class carrier, she was launched in 1936 and was one of only three American carriers commissioned before World War II to survive the war (the others being Saratoga and Ranger). She participated in more major actions of the war against Japan than any other United States ship. These actions included the Attack on Pearl Harbor (18 dive bombers of VS-6 were over the harbor; 6 were shot down with a loss of 11 men—she was the only American aircraft carrier with men at Pearl Harbor during the attack and the first to sustain casualties during the Pacific War), the Battle of Midway, the Battle of the Eastern Solomons, the Battle of the Santa Cruz Islands, various other air-sea engagements during the Guadalcanal Campaign, the Battle of the Philippine Sea, and the Battle of Leyte Gulf. Enterprise earned 20 battle stars, the most for any U.S. warship in World War II, and was the most decorated U.S. ship of World War II. She is also the first American ship to sink an enemy vessel during the Pacific War when she sank Japanese submarine I-70 on 10 December 1941. On three occasions during the Pacific War, the Japanese announced that she had been sunk in battle, inspiring her nickname “The Grey Ghost”.

Battle 360 - Service history - Netflix

Enterprise was one of fourteen ships to receive the early RCA CXAM-1 radar. Captain George D. Murray assumed command of the carrier on 21 March 1941. Based first at San Diego (where she was used in the filming of Dive Bomber, starring Errol Flynn and Fred MacMurray) and then at Pearl Harbor after President Roosevelt ordered the Fleet to be “forward based,” the carrier and her aircraft squadrons trained intensively and transported aircraft among the island bases of the Pacific. Enterprise was completing one such mission when she left Pearl Harbor on 28 November 1941. It was while returning to Hawaii after delivering Marine Fighter Squadron 211 (VMF-211) to Wake Island, when the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor on December 7.

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