A Volcano Odyssey - Netflix

Posted on Sun 19 May 2019 in netflix

A Volcano Odyssey is the staggering, state-of-the-art film that reveals how lava flooded an area the size of France and partially caused the dinosaurs' demise, but also helped the emergence of mammals and new life forms.

A Volcano Odyssey - Netflix

Type: Documentary

Languages: English

Status: Ended

Runtime: 60 minutes

Premier: 2012-05-20

A Volcano Odyssey - Ring of Fire: An Indonesian Odyssey - Netflix

The Ring of Fire: An Indonesian Odyssey is a series of five documentary films following the decade-long Wanderjahr of the filmmaker/sibling partnership Lorne and Lawrence Blair.

A Volcano Odyssey - The five films - Netflix

Spice Island Saga: The Blair brothers follow the footsteps of naturalist Alfred Russel Wallace on a Bugis sailboat in search of the bird of paradise to the Aru Islands near New Guinea. Dance of the Warriors: The brothers sail to the islands of Komodo where they encounter the Komodo dragon, Sumba where they witness human sacrifice, western New Guinea where they meet the Asmat, and finally Bali where they build a home in a village. East of Krakatoa: The Blairs descend into a newly erupted volcano, meet a legendary artist and witness the funeral rites of the king of the Toraja people of the Celebes. Dream Wanderers of Borneo: The brothers go in search of the nomadic Punan Dayaks. Beyond the Ring of Fire: Lawrence Blair returns to a lost paradise at the outer edge of the known world eight years later in a retrospective voyage to many of the islands first visited and others never previously filmed.

A Volcano Odyssey - References - Netflix